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Completely global

HCR is a Relocation Management Company which provides our clients with complete global coverage. If your employee relocates from the UK to any country in the world, or from one country to another (both outside the UK), we have the right solution and expertise for your needs.

We work in conjunction with our World Connect Partners on a worldwide basis; together, we provide seamless services around the globe, whether you send your assignees from the US to Asia, from Australia to Europe or from the UK to South America.

Through our local partnerships, we provide the best on-the-ground knowledge and exceptional customer service at Home and at Host. While managing your assignee population and reporting from our Head Office, we always focus on looking after people and never losing sight of the goal to provide value for money.

HCR chooses its World Connect Partners very carefully. We hand pick those who share our ethos and professional culture - people and businesses who are driven to provide outstanding service.

We provide complete, end-to-end, relocation support, including -

  • Start conversation with employee/ family anywhere in the world.
  • Single point of coordination for employee/family here in the UK.
  • Managing cross cultural differences - understanding different approaches, defining expectations.
  • managing relationships with overseas (and domestic) approved stakeholders.
  • Administration and communications with foreign nationals.
  • Time and language differences.
  • Overseas services.
  • One point of management for all suppliers - removals, immigration, tax and payroll.
  • UK based, single point of reporting through HCR.

Our partners share our understanding of complex international relocation. They help us provide innovative services - and work with us on continuous enhancements. As an independent relocation specialist we have the freedom to select our overseas providers, based on the quality of their service and the value for money they are able to provide.

At HCR, we make certain that international relocation runs smoothly for our clients’ employees and their families by providing a hassle-free, easy-to-understand, service. We closely monitor every single move, providing quarterly updates and feedback for employers to ensure consistency and compliance with corporate policies.