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Corporate Social Responsibility

We fully committed members of a community that stretches right across the globe. HCR truly cares about those who live and work alongside us - wherever in the world they might happen to be. And every member of our board and team takes our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously.

Abraham Lincoln once said ‘…you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today…’ and we heartily agree with him.

Our aspirations and philosophy are based on a set of imperatives that we believe embodies our core values.

  • We conduct ourselves with full regard to any impact we may make on our community.
  • We respect out staff, customers, suppliers, competitors and members of the public. 
  • We harness diversity and make a strong contribution to employing people who are competent, enthusiastic and focussed on delivering excellent customer satisfaction - irrespective of their race, gender or physical abilities.
  • We positively contribute to charitable organisations on a regular basis.
  • We minimise our environmental impact on society - HCR is the first and only relocation specialist in the UK to be certified the ISO Environmental Standard.
  • We only use suppliers whose ethos and values emulate ours - ensuring fair employment conditions for all their workers and sub-contractors. And promoting the employment of people on a non-discriminatory basis.

To earn the trust of our customers, society and all stakeholders, we are committed to ensuring our business remains both sincere and sound - and to creating value that exceeds expectations.

To implement sound and fair management that conforms to legal compliance.