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Our financial governance

HCR Ltd - Signed Accounts 2015-16

Making sure our finances are in order is paramount. Our board of directors takes great care to manage the business in a financially prudent way, which means keeping borrowings to an absolute minimum, ensuring adequate working capital is available, not taking undue risks and being fair to our suppliers. All of which means we have a strong balance sheet and our credit lines are absolutely secure. 

Financial stability is essential to the three core strands of our strategy which are operational excellence, exceptional customer service and product leadership.

Whilst HCR could be mistakenly perceived as being a small company, our most recent Financial Statements show our annual income to be £11.1 million - this excludes 'rechargeable' items; if we were to include these, the figure would be just under £100 million

'Rechargeable' items

'Rechargeable' items are bills or fees which we pay on behalf of our clients for which we do not add a margin; these include rent, utilities (electric, gas, oil, water supply, waste water), council tax, TV licences and GSP interest charges, as well as other items.

If you would like further information regarding our Financial Statements, feel free to click the links below: