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Pleased to be green

In 2008, HCR became the first relocation company in the UK to achieve ISO 14001 certification. We worked hard to achieve this challenging accreditation - and the fact that we have held it ever since demonstrates our determination to become green and stay green.

In March 2016 HCR offset 354 tCO2e through the Florestal Santa Maria REDD project in Brazil (Verified Carbon Standard #875) as well as planting acres of trees in the South East region of the UK thereby offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, helping to prevent climate change and creating space for wildlife.

We have set ourselves vigorous targets to reduce business mileage and paper consumption - saving more than 100's of 1,000's of miles and adding £80,000 net profit to our bottom line. It makes sense to look after the environment - and our entire team has signed up to that. Our partners, too, understand our way of thinking, and that means the world to us.

HCR has planted more than 1300 trees across our local area in Hampshire - a direct result of our innovative Sustainable Relocation Promise. It’s a clever way of working with clients to counter the emissions made when moving their employees.

In recent years we have teamed up with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to plant 1000 trees in Old Basing to build a wildlife corridor. Further afield, we’ve planted more than 200 trees in Kenya and helped reduce green-house emissions by providing fuel-efficient stoves for families in Uganda.

We happily absorb whatever it costs to do all this - and members of our own team worked hard to plant many of the trees themselves.

Reducing our carbon footprint by four percent each year is a tough challenge - but we won’t accept anything less. And our processes work. In 2011, HCR became the first relocation company to become carbon neutral - aligned to international standards ISO14064, PAS2050 and PAS2060.

HCR worked with Carbon Footprint Ltd - a locally based company - to achieve this landmark. Then, in 2014, we successfully cut our total CO2 emissions by 21.5 percent - which means a total reduction of 39 percent since becoming carbon neutral three years ago, This was no prompt for us to rest on our laurels however….far from it.

To help us keep track, we continue to implement a Carbon Management Action Plan. No paper, card, printer toners, cans or plastic bottles leave us unless they’re on the way to the recycling plant.

We don’t leave the lights on either. Sounds simple but we don’t drain electricity in any room we’re not using because we know where the ‘off’ switches to our lights and computers are, and we use them.

HCR runs a ‘walk to work’ scheme and we’re part of the Government’s cycle scheme too. We like to encourage our team to cycle to work if at all possible - and we even provide a ‘bike doctor’ to keep all bicycles in tip top shape.

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