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HCR Tech

As a dynamic, responsive and innovative organisation with a diverse client base, HCR’s technology is as comprehensive as we are. In order to remain at the forefront of the relocation industry and provide our clients with the very best service, our innovations are secure, support HCR’s focus on the future, and continually improve and adapt to the service we provide.

Bespoke software, designed specifically to support our business processes, gives us an unrivalled level of flexibility.  Many providers use off-the-shelf commercial packages - we have found that these often lack important levels of detail and can result in inflexible processes and limited reporting options.


Our main operational system - Vanguard Case Management - was created in conjunction with continuous consultations with our clients and their relocating employees, as well as our own HCR consultants. It was rolled out in April 2011, following a two-year design and development process, and is constantly evolving.

HCR Web Portal

We also empower our clients and their employees to access reports on financial and case data through HCR’s Web Portal, 24/7-365 from any internet connection on any device.

The portal has been designed to mirror the flexibility incorporated in our Vanguard system and to be customisable to meet individual client and user needs.  A large amount of the content available through the portal is published directly from our Vanguard system in real-time, ensuring up-to-the-minute information is always available.

HCR’s secure web portal can be used by HR contacts, line managers and individual employees for reporting, tracking case progress, relocation and employee expenses, and to access other useful information. 

HCR’s Financial Reporting & Expense Management System

FocalPoint is HCR’s online real-time Expense Management system, providing a single resource for comprehensive financial reporting and expense reimbursement. This innovative solution enables your employees to input their expense claims directly into a self-service portal, accessible via internet connection - including on smartphones and tablet devices.

All users are issued with their own unique identification and password at tiered access levels, to allow complete control of all expenses submitted and how they are paid. An authorisation matrix ensures that employees can only claim ‘allowable expenses’, unless they are authorised as an ‘Exception to Policy’.


HCR have developed an online property maintenance reporting system - HCR Fix – for clients who use our Tenancy Management Service or HCR Tenancy Agreement. HCR Fix enables tenants to report property issues at any time of day or night, with the option to upload photos. Where the situation is an emergency, the tenant will be provided with details of the appropriate external contact; for non-urgent issues, they will receive a response from our Maintenance Team during office hours. The HCR Fix website also offers general maintenance tips and advice.

Document Management System

Following the implementation of our Document Management System (DMS), HCR retain all client-related documents electronically, using specific technology which enables efficient management and tracking. Where documents are in an editable format, the history of changes and version number are instantly visible to the internal user.

DMS works by uploading either scanned, saved or emailed documents to one central system which enables access by all relevant internal departments, reducing the need to print and therefore promoting the concept of a ‘paperless office’.