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Serviced Accommodation

Why choose serviced accommodation? 


It is now readily recognized that Serviced Apartments offer a more cost-efficient alternative to hotel rooms for employees who are on secondment, working away on a project, or relocating to a new area. Serviced apartments combine the comforts and convenience of a hotel with flexibility and a ‘home feel’. Facilities commonly include concierge/housekeeping services, fresh towels and linen, on-call guest services and free broadband, plus a decent living space and a well-equipped kitchen. For stays of longer than a week, they offer a better value alternative to a hotel: a stay in serviced accommodation is typically 30%+ cheaper than a 4-star hotel room. 

RQ Pro offers the latest technology available to source Serviced Accommodation, powered by RELOQUESTTM. ReloQuest is the unique and innovative sourcing system that brings together buyers and sellers of Serviced Accommodation within a virtual market environment. Defined by many industry experts as a ‘game changer’, the ReloQuest platform is an intuitive reversed-auction system that is transforming how corporates are sourcing their serviced accommodation bookings. RQ Pro has partnered with Reloquest to offer a cost-saving solution to UK and International corporate clients. 


If you are looking for sourcing best available Serviced Accommodation deals, we can offer you two options: 

1. If you prefer a personal Brokerage service to manage your booking process, our booking team can take your enquiries by email or phone and use ReloQuest to source the most competitive options for you. 

2. Alternatively, if your organisation uses Serviced Apartments on a regular basis and you would like to empower your staff and managers to source Accommodation directly, then we can offer to install RQ Pro (powered by ReloQuest) directly onto your internal systems or provide access via a non-public micro-website. 


At RQ Pro, we have sourced the leading high quality Service Accommodation Operators with accommodation units throughout the UK and Europe. Additionally, working with ReloQuest, you will have access to a large number of International Serviced Accommodation operators ensuring a wide geographic coverage, and more are being added all the time. 

At RQ Pro we don’t only ensure you have competition from the Serviced Accommodation industry’s leading operators but we will continue to add value by providing a bespoke package that tailors your employee requests to ensure that data you need is always collected. 

Whether that is a specific approval path, collecting employee and project tracking codes or even a purchase order, we can set up the system at implementation to meet your specific needs. 

RQ Pro streamlines your sourcing and booking process cutting out duplication of effort and improving productivity whilst creating the ultimate competitive environment for your requirements. This is supported by our simple monthly, consolidated billing process so that your organization saves time and hard cash. 


Key Facts 

* You can either ask us to source your requirements via the system or do-it-yourself as an embedded system 

* Every Serviced Accommodation enquiry is up for competition from vetted and high quality providers 

* ReloQuest is a safe and secure cloud based system, accessed from anywhere in the World 

* ReloQuest is highly customizable to meet your company cultural and approval processes 

* ReloQuest will provide accurate, insightful Management Information from real-time ready-made reports 

* ReloQuest will save time and hard cash with simplified billing 


And best of all 


* ReloQuest is free to use, even when we act as a Broker 


Brokerage team lead contact number, phone KAREN BONNER on +44 (0)1256 313881 or email her at: 


For more details about RQ Pro – where your employees can source Serviced Accommodation directly, please email