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Group Move Management

Moving a large group of employees between locations is a business-critical decision; poor implementation of a group move can have a catastrophic effect on a business. HCR have a wealth of first-hand experience in coordinating, assisting and managing Group Moves for corporations across a broad range of industry sectors.

We work closely with senior managements to uncover the potential issues associated with an impending group move, with the aim of minimising loss of staff and disruption to the ongoing business and maintaining positive communications with your staff.

From the outset, our experienced team will develop a comprehensive plan that includes realistic estimates of the cost of the move and the anticipate timescale to execute it.  Our experienced Relocation Consultants can advise on the details of the assistance packages that may be offered to your employees.

HCR offers a full range of services, to enable a smooth Group Move transition:

  • Policy Consultancy
  • Customised portal
  • Weekly/monthly surgeries
  • Area Guides
  • Orientation Tours
  • Home Search
  • Hotel/Serviced Accommodation
  • Removal Management
  • Furniture Rental
  • Tenancy Management
  • School Search (for employees relocating with children)
  • Expense Management
  • P11d Reporting

Information Rooms

Our professional Information Rooms are held onsite at your current office, for your convenience, and are advertised to your employees in advance. They combine comprehensive information on the new location, combined with one-to-one contact and consultations with your Relocation Consultant and a Local Area Consultant (LAC), if required.

The Information Room is the focal point for all relocation activity. It is designed to give your employees access to the support and tools needed to research and explore all areas of interest in the new location, notably:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Local amenities
  • Leisure
  • Local authorities

Your employees will benefit from the opportunity to visit the room at any time to browse and collect information. If required, we can staff the information room to answer questions and assist in all relocation matters.

HCR’s Virtual Information Rooms are online knowledge portals containing detailed information on life in the new location; they provide an alternative format to a hard copy Area Guide. This service is considered an important tool to assist the employees and families in their understanding of the new location, whilst managing their expectations prior to their move. Accessible via HCR’s SSL secure Extranet website, each user is provided a unique login, enabling employees and their family 24/7 access to an extensive library of information about their new location. The additional option of one-to-one contact and consultations with a dedicated LAC can be combined with this service.