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Housing Cost Disparity Report

Our Housing Cost Disparity Report allows your HR and Procurement departments to compare house prices between the old and new location on a like-for-like basis. The objective is to provide a valuation for the existing property as if it was for sale in the destination area.

The report ensures that calculation of a Special Housing Allowance, mortgage differentials and property-related expenses (i.e. Stamp Duty) are based on a property closely comparable in size and features, either without ‘betterment’ or only a modest upgrade in property value, as permitted. We will use either the sales details from the existing property or obtain an impartial valuation (i.e. ‘RICS’).

Our report looks at the demographics of an existing postcode and compares all areas within a given radius of the new location, identifying the top-five matching areas; it will highlight the top-matched area and includes the calculated differential in price.