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Onsite Resourcing

Clients who relocate employees on a regular basis may wish to consider the possibility of basing one or more HCR members of staff at their premises, on a part-time or even a full-time basis. We currently have a number of HCR Onsite Consultants who work at the premises of some of our largest clients, providing a hands-on service for both domestic and international relocations.

An Onsite Consultant is responsible for managing all aspects of the relocation processes and day-to-day service provision, liaising with the employees themselves, as well as the client’s HR department, operational relocation teams at HCR, and any third-party suppliers.

The Consultants work exclusively to provide a service to all domestically-relocating and expatriated employees and act as an onsite point-of-coordination for all relocation aspects including queries, escalations and policy exceptions. They also seek to build a strong partnership relationship with the company’s HR teams so that they are ostensibly regarded informally as an extension of the client.

HCR have also instituted a system whereby each onsite Consultant is supported by a team of Consultants and Coordinators at our UK Headquarters in Basingstoke, to provide backup assistance to the Onsite Consultant role during periods of high case volumes, or if the Onsite Consultant is on planned or unforeseen absence.

Due to the success of our onsite roles with certain clients, we have established strong partnerships which are built on reliability, consistency and process innovation.