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Relocation Cost Estimates

A detailed cost projection or estimate will provide company management with the information to make a decision as to whether an assignment or relocation is a commercially-viable proposition. This can be undertaken as part of an approval process, prior to an employee being offered the assignment.

HCR will work closely with you to determine the type of relocation package appropriate to offer the employee and their partner/family, and to estimate the cost implications for the relocation as a whole, subject to the volume and quality of the information made available to us.

Based on its policy of transparency in pricing, HCR will provide estimates of both its management fees for standard service provisions, and any disbursements forecast such as accommodation, travel and removal costs for your employees during their relocation.

In addition to HCR’s Cost Estimate service, we can also provide tax or social security calculations, at competitive rates via our tax partner, Grant Thornton. Their figures can be integrated with HCR’s into a complete comprehensive forecast that will gives the fullest picture of potential cost liabilities for an assignment.