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Relocation Policy Consultation/Benchmark

HCR has the expertise to design, implement, and benchmark Relocation Policies to meet each individual client’s needs. These range from comprehensive Domestic for temporary, permanent, commuter, or rotational assignments, one-off policies for group moves.

Companies who manage ad-hoc relocations in-house risk paying a high price, sometimes without meeting the needs of the employee and family. A well-thought out and clearly written Policy manages expectations and helps to avoid ‘exceptions to policy’ for individual circumstances, and saves you time and money.

HCR recognises the need to update Relocation Policies on a regular basis, to keep costs under control, be competitive in the current marketplace, and retain talent. Through HCR’s vast experiences across all industry sectors, we are able to benchmark any relocation policy and provide insightful feedback.

HCR’s unique service model has been designed to endlessly adapt. Our Vanguard Case Management System was designed in-house by our IT Development team and is fully customisable around each client’s Relocation Policy, allowing us to collaborate our service provisions and workflows with each client’s internal processes, KPIs, and specific reporting requirements.