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Repatriation Management

When returning an employee to their country of origin at the end of an international assignment, there are many factors to consider. Aside from the logistics, your employee will almost certainly require interpersonal support to reintegrate back into their ‘home country’ lifestyle as well as their place of work, and it is not uncommon for such transition to result in ‘Reverse Culture Shock’.

As the initial stage of our Repatriation Management service, our Consultant will hold a conversation with your employee to explain the repatriation process whilst they are still in the ‘host country’; they will also issue a survey to identify the concerns of their employee (and their partner/family, where relevant).

The potential challenges of repatriation include, but are not limited to:

  • Language/cultural barriers. The employee may have simplified the use of their home country’s languages whilst on their overseas assignment, and may also have adopted different behaviours - both socially and in business
  • Insufficient/no policy in place.
  • The employee not having a suitable position to return to.
  • The employee having unrealistic or inaccurate expectations.
  • Management not being able to quantify the value of the assignment.
  • Management being unsure of how to make the best of the employee’s newly-acquired skills and experience.

In addition to managing the logistical factors of the repatriation, we will also present you with a report of findings, following on from the survey, to assist you with supporting your employee during and after their return. This will maximise the chances of a successful repatriation which, in turn, can contribute to the retention of key talent.