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Area/Country Guides

An Area Guide is an information booklet that gives an overview of the specified location (i.e. town or city) as well as details of local facilities and amenities; HCR are able to source these for various locations all over the world. We can also provide Country Guides for internationally-relocating employees, which will set their expectations as a new arrival in the host country. A Country Guide covers various topics which typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Driving
  • Public transport
  • Properties
  • Culture (food, attractions, national celebrations)
  • Safety and compliance with law
  • Typical behaviours (i.e. socially and in business)

Feedback from HCR’s clients suggests that the provision of Area Guides has significantly reduced the number of easily answered queries they receive about the new location from relocating employees, increasing their own time efficiencies. Country Guides, in addition, give an overview of what to expect when moving to the specified country, making the transition an easier process and reducing ‘culture shock’.