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Relocation Expense Management

In order to be tax efficient and monitor the total ‘Spend vs. Budget’, HCR can manage, collect, pay and track all costs throughout the relocation process, as an optional service. We will provide either monthly or quarterly expense management reports based on individual cases or across an entire portfolio of relocations, together with annual P11d reporting.

Employees can also submit all their relocation expenses to us; we will audit each and every expense and make payments in a timely manner. Equally, we will advise the employee if submitted expenses are not part of the relocation policy or have exceeded budget, and reject payments or seek an exception approval.

HCR’s Expense Management service includes:

  • Auditing, approving and processing employee relocation expenses promptly and accurately, within 48 hours after approval
  • Rigorous monitoring of costs
  • Paying all supplier invoices (i.e. removal costs) and property-related fees including deposits, stamp duty, first month’s rents, ongoing rent and utilities etc.
  • Monthly consolidated invoices

HCR’s FocalPoint

FocalPoint is HCR’s online real-time Expense Management system, providing a single resource for comprehensive financial reporting and expense reimbursement. This innovative solution enables your employees to input their expense claims directly into a self-service portal, accessible via internet connection - including on smartphones and tablet devices.

All users are issued with their own unique identification and password at tiered access levels, to allow complete control of all expenses submitted and how they are paid. An authorisation matrix ensures that employees can only claim ‘allowable expenses’, unless they are authorised as an ‘Exception to Policy’.

FocalPoint tracks all stages of the expense process:

  • When claims are submitted
  • When they are authorised, and by whom
  • When they are paid

All expense items passed through FocalPoint are subsequently stored against an individual employee’s expense claim record, making them viewable at any time by anyone who has authority to view the claim. FocalPoint is flexible in its design to allow for customisation to clients’ specific requirements.