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Driving Familiarisation - UK

The risk of having a road accident rises sharply if you are driving in an unfamiliar environment. Employees are especially vulnerable if they are encountering UK driving conditions for the first time, as the road systems are more complex than some other countries, and pedestrians have right-of-way in many situations. Infringement of driving laws can result in penalties (i.e. a fine, or ‘points’ added to the driver’s licence) and even, in serious incidents, a criminal conviction.

By using HCR’s Driver Familiarisation services, the risks of an accident or driving conviction are significantly reduced.

Online Training

This innovative online system aims to build the driver’s confidence and understanding of correct UK procedures in order to stay safe in all driving circumstances. Your employee will be assessed on their driving ability and temperament and educated on areas of potential development or weakness. In addition, by using this service, you will be helping your organisation comply with their duty-of-care obligations regarding health and safety legislation.

In-Car Training

For any employee relocating into the UK, this programme is particularly useful if they are used to driving on the ‘other side’ of the road. This refresher course will help them to gain confidence on UK roads and, most importantly, become a safe driver in their new location. We can provide full-day instruction for two people (i.e. the employee and their spouse/partner) with a qualified instructor.