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Eldercare Services

For employees with elderly dependants, particularly those with declining physical or mental health, HCR offers a unique service to look after their needs.

time4care, a subsidiary of HCR Group, encompasses not only taking care of the physical needs of the elderly, such as considerations over whether they require assistance in their own house or are more suited to being looked after in a care home, but also financial and legal aspects. Our personal advisers provide a single point-of-contact to each client, giving impartial and objective advice to enable them to make decisions which may be difficult or life-changing.

By using time4care, your employees will have access to a helpline (during working hours) to discuss any of the following senior care aspects: Care Advice, Legal Advice, Property Advice and Financial Advice. There are different levels of services available, so you can choose the amount of support you wish to provide to your staff.

For further information, visit the time4care website: www.time4care.co.uk