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Vehicle Sourcing

We would always recommend research into the cost and logistics of importing a car from home to host country before deciding whether this is the most viable option. There are some countries for which expatriates are recommended not to drive; either public transport or a chauffer-driven vehicle may be the more practical alternative. HCR will give as much information and advice as possible to enable you and your employees to make the right decision.

In many cases, the employee will sell their current car and either hire or purchase another one in the home country. Depending on the host country, there may be car hire companies who offer competitive rates for leasing a car under the employer’s name.

In our experience, expatriates can encounter barriers in obtaining a loan or other finance product to enable them to obtain a personal car, in certain countries. Through its extensive network of partners and contacts, HCR can offer specialist assistance with Expatriate Car Sourcing in order to overcome this.