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Area Orientation

An Area Orientation programme is designed to provide your employee and their family with a comprehensive overview of day to day life in the town or city they are moving to, enabling them to make well-informed decisions around their prospective move to or within the UK. HCR can arrange for the Area Orientation to coincide with business trips to the new office, or in conjunction with Home Search and School Search assistance to ensure the most efficient use of your budget and time.

During the Start Conversation with your employee, our dedicated Relocation Consultant will assess their needs, wants and requirements, plus those of their partner/family, and identify any potential concerns. Information will be gathered on all areas of their lifestyle, current home and daily routine. This information will be passed on to a Consultant in the specified location who will design an accompanied Area Orientation that focuses on everything which has identified as top priority by your employee and their family. It will typically include:

  • Neighbourhood overview
  • Viewing of sample properties within budget guidelines
  • Explanation of property markets
  • Schools and childcare options available
  • Public transportation overview
  • Journey to work and school
  • Emergency services
  • Cultural-specific stores and organisations
  • Places of worship and religion
  • Social activities and networking (this may include expat groups)
  • Sports and leisure
  • Medical facilities - location of doctors, dentists, hospitals
  • Local amenities – shopping, supermarkets, banks, post office

Ultimately, the Area Orientation will initiate a smooth and seamless move to the new location and continuity of lifestyle, with minimal disruption to your employee and their family. It is the ideal opportunity for them to ask questions and benefit from one-to-one contact with an expert on the specific area of the UK.