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Area/Country Guides

An Area Guide is a booklet of information on the specified town or city; HCR are able to source these for around 500 different locations across the UK, where required. From feedback we have received from our clients, they have found that the provision of Area Guides has significantly reduced the number of easily answered queries they receive about the new location from relocating employees, increasing their own time efficiencies.

Online Area Guide

HCR’s user-friendly, web-based Area Guides provide the relevant information that will assist your employees in deciding whether or not to relocate by providing up-to-date, accurate and vital information about a particular location and surrounding areas; it is ideal for group moves. Easy-to-use hyperlinks will take the employees to external websites such as for Local Authorities and tourist information. Bespoke information on your company can also be included, such as HR and Personnel matters. 

Typically, an Online Area Guide provides similar types of information provided as part of an Area Orientation, in an easily-accessible, published format.

Guide to Living in the UK

HCR’s comprehensive Guide to Living in the UK, produced and updated in house, will prepare your internationally-relocating employees for their transition into UK culture. Our guide contains the following chapters:

  • Overview of the United Kingdom
  • Major Cities
  • Types of Home
  • History, Politics and Culture
  • The British Education System
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Entertainment and Dining
  • Driving
  • Public/Other Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Security and Well-Being
  • Telephone and Internet Systems
  • Household Goods
  • Money Matters
  • Mailing and Postal Services
  • Pets
  • Weights, Measurements and Temperatures

HCR’s Guide to Living in the UK makes the transition for international employees a smoother process, and helps to reduce ‘culture shock’.