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Currency Exchange

International relocation often involves exchanging currency, or paying employees in a different currency to that of their home country. HCR is pleased to recommend TorFX - a currency exchange broker - as our partner, who can save you money on currency transfers for your employees. Fully authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), TorFX works with clients to get them the best rates, offering better exchange rates on higher amounts of currency.

For employees who wish to send money to their home country, either to their own account or another recipient (i.e. family member), TorFX can arrange for their funds to be converted into the relevant currency and transferred into the beneficiary account, at no cost. TorFX can also set up direct debits, i.e. for mortgage payments, to a recipient account in another country.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum currency amount
  • Market-leading rates of exchange
  • Up to 3% saving against the banks
  • No fees; no commission
  • Online portal access
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Highest level of credit-worthiness in the industry

It is easy to get started.  Go to  and get your competitive quote today.