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Language and Cultural Training

In HCR’s experience, the ability of the employee and their partner/family to settle into their new community is a contributing factor to the success of an assignment. Equally, their productivity, interpersonal status and overall performance in the workplace will be influenced by their ability to quickly and effectively communicate with their new colleagues - fluency in language is only part of the requirement. Depending on which country your international employee is moving from, they may experience stark differences with UK culture in terms of personal conduct, both in business and social situations.

Language Training, which is often combined with Cultural Training, encompasses not only the recognition of everyday words, but also accent, body language, idiomatic language, use of emotion/humour and cultural etiquette.  All of these aspects contribute to communicating effectively and successfully building relationships.

The content of Language and Cultural programmes vary; training aspects can include role-playing, presentations and intercultural games, teaching your employees and their partners/families how to identify, understand and integrate cultural differences into their day-to-day life in the UK.

HCR works with partners around the globe to supply bespoke Language and Cultural Training solutions to our clients; we have the flexibility and resource to provide training at home, host or in both countries. Prior to recommending a training programme, a needs-assessment is made so that the training can be tailored according to specific needs and requirements.