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Meet & Greet

Whether your employee is travelling to or within the UK at the beginning or end of their assignment, or as part of a pre-move Area Orientation, HCR can provide an optional ‘Meet and Greet’ service. We can arrange for your employee (and their partner/family) to be greeted at any major transport terminus, such as Paddington Railway Station for employees arriving into the UK by Eurostar, ferry ports and commercial airports.

Our selected transport provider will be notified of the journey details to ensure that the employee and their partner/family are greeted on arrival and escorted to the vehicle. This assures that they will arrive at their destination, i.e. new home, hotel or serviced accommodation, with minimum hassle. The vehicle will be carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort, in accordance with personal requirements.

HCR are free from commitment to a specific supplier; we compare quotes from our approved panel of transport providers and pass to our clients for authorisation, prior to actual booking.