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Settling In

As an alternative (or addition) to an Area Orientation, you may wish to offer your employees a Settling In service, which provides an overview of the new location immediately after the employee and their partner/family have moved in. Similar to an Area Orientation, a Settling In service is facilitated by a Local Area Consultant (LAC) and gives an overview of all the desired facilities, services and amenities within proximity. Where required, the LAC can also assist your employees with opening bank accounts, registering with doctors/dentists, and purchasing mobile phones.

Where the employee has relocated from another country, the Consultant will also identify any significant everyday practices that may differ to those of the home country.

Expat Groups

Many locations across the UK offer convenient access to support/social groups which are aimed the partners/spouses of working expatriates; some of these are nationality-specific, and the aims and activities of each group varies. For an employee coming to the UK from overseas, HCR can provide a list of suitable groups for their partner, and assist them with getting in touch.