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Managed Sale

Offering your employee assistance to market and sell their current home prior to their relocation will increase the likelihood of them moving within a reasonable time frame. For employees who wish to sell their homes in the UK, HCR’s Managed Sale service is an alternative offering to the Guaranteed Sales Price (GSP) service.

Our Managed Sale service is a fixed-cost solution which proactively supports the employee in all aspects of the home sale process. We will assume the task of managing the sale of the property, leaving your employee free to concentrate on their new job, finding a new home, and settling their family.

A marketing strategy will be implemented to enable a timely and successful sale. If the property is still on the market after 6 weeks, we may formally review the marketing strategy. If we recommend any changes or reduction in asking price, we regard it as essential that your employee’s preferences are taken into account. All offers, together with our recommendation, will be referred to them for a decision on whether to accept or reject the offer.

Once a sale has been agreed and the employee’s solicitor has been instructed, we continue to monitor progress until the sale is complete.