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Visa and Immigration

HCR works closely with global business immigration consultants to provide a single solution to your employees’ immigration requirements. We will ensure the assessments of the individual circumstances of each employee and their dependants so that all appropriate visas, work and residence permits are in place for them to live and work legally in the host country.

Our immigration partners will advise the most suitable type of visa, ensure each individual is compliant with applicable immigration laws, and process all documentation in a timely manner so that everything is in place in time for the move. Our Service includes:

  • Case planning and preparation of a customised Personal Immigration Kit
  • Complete management of diary and tracking of milestone dates
  • Monitoring application deadline dates and immigration caps
  • Gathering and pre-processing documents (translations/notarisations)
  • Host country approvals
  • Home country consular documents
  • Host country post-arrival documents
  • Frequent follow-up on applications to ensure they are processed as quickly as possible

HCR ensures the best professional advice is sought and that visas are obtained in line with the dates of the relocation, and application/expiry dates are closely monitored.