Finding Rental Housing and Temporary Accommodation

The Olympics are still 12 months away, however the requirement for rental properties associated with the Games will start in earnest at the end of this year. Given the size of the Olympics and the number of companies involved, you can expect the number of properties required to run in to the thousands, on top of the usual demand for properties in London from the private sector.

London 2012 (3).jpgWith the Olympics taking place over a six week period, a number of associated media ranging from security to TV companies will be looking to obtain properties from as early as September this year.

Important factors will include location and size, as these companies will be looking to secure enough accommodation for their employees during this period. Therefore as we approach 2012 and move closer to August, we can spot the difficulties in finding rental and temporary accommodation next year – up to and including serviced apartments and hotel rooms in the run up to the Olympics.

The announcement that London would host the 2012 Olympics saw an explosion in the number of hotels across London, adding to the vast amount already occupying the city. However, room availability will be scarce as the expected millions of visitors pour in to the city during the games, in addition to housing staff. It should also be noted that many chain hotels have Olympic packages, resulting in block booking.

If you have corporate hotel rates do check that they will be honoured during the London Olympics. This issue is not just confined to London - other areas will also see a massive rush for property before and during the Olympics; in particular the area around Weymouth (Dorset) and the Thames Valley area (Henley/Windsor).

As an independent company, HCR screen the whole market to find suitable accommodation, giving us the advantage of a larger pool of properties. We also have an exclusive list of landlords keen to let their properties through HCR on behalf of our government and corporate clients.

Plan your move into London with as much advance notice as possible. The more time you leave available, the greater success for sourcing accommodation of a high standard and to your specifications.