UK landlords are facing an increasing number of regulations – and failure to follow them can land even the most experienced among them on the wrong side of the law.

Recently, new legislation was introduced – protecting tenants’ deposits. And failing to comply could prove costly.

“Deposits, immigration rules, energy performance and the safety of gas and electricity appliances are all subject to stringent regulation,” says Rob Dolbear, managing director of relocation specialist HCR.

“Private rental properties are regularly inspected by local authority health and safety officers – and woe betide the owners of those that don’t come up to scratch.

“As relocation experts, we have many landlord partners in every corner of the UK. And keeping up-to-date with new laws and legislation is crucial in making sure our suppliers – as well as our clients – are fully protected.

“Maintaining an excellent relationship between landlord and tenant is a surefire way of success, when it comes to relocation. Our clients’ employees need to feel at home and looked after – whether they are working away for a matter weeks, months – or even years.

“And that’s where we come in. We manage the entire process – and our nationwide network of landlord partners allows us to do that with the minimum of fuss.

“One aspect of our service is to match clients’ employees to properties that suit their individual requirements. But we are also here to ensure our landlords are fully compliant when it comes to rules and regulations.

“Knowing the market is very important too. Our specialists have the skills and experience to know how high or low a rental property price should be – depending on area and quality. They make sure landlords and clients are fully satisfied with all aspects of any agreement.”

Investing in property and becoming a landlord can be a sound business move for many – with a huge proportion of the UK rental market occupied by tenants who have relocated for employment reasons.

“But landlords must take care to follow the rules – protecting deposits, checking that tenants are allowed to be in the UK, ensuring properties have a gas safety certificate, making sure that electrical appliances are checked regularly and only using fire retardant furnishings,” adds Rob.

“At HCR, we stay abreast of all new regulations, making sure employers meet all their obligations – from selecting appropriate rental properties to providing emotional support

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