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Abraham Lincoln once said ‘…you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today…’ and we heartily agree with him.


Our core values are important to us:

  • We conduct ourselves with full regard to any impact we may make on our community.
  • We respect our staff, customers, suppliers, competitors and members of the public.
  • We harness diversity and make a strong contribution to employing people who are competent, enthusiastic and focussed on delivering excellent customer satisfaction – irrespective of their race, gender or physical abilities.
  • We positively contribute to charitable organisations on a regular basis.
  • We minimise our environmental impact on society. We are the first and only relocation specialist in the UK to be certified the ISO Environmental Standard.
  • We only use suppliers whose ethos and values emulate ours, ensuring fair employment conditions for all their workers and sub-contractors; promoting the employment of people on a non-discriminatory basis.
  • To earn the trust of our customers, society and all stakeholders, we are committed to ensuring our business remains both sincere and sound, and to creating value that exceeds expectations.
  • We strive to implement sound and fair management that conforms to legal compliance.
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Playing a key role in the communities we are part of is hugely important to us. The HCR family supports local and national charities by organising activities throughout the year. We’ve dressed-down, held raffles, published a cookery book, jumped out of helicopters and been corporate sponsors. Most importantly, we’ve provided those in need with a helping hand… and we’re proud to continue to do so.

Pleased to be Green

In 2008, HCR became the first relocation company in the UK to achieve ISO 14001 certification.  We worked hard to achieve this challenging accreditation and have held it ever since, demonstrating our determination to stay green.

Reducing our carbon footprint by four percent each year is a tough challenge, but we won’t accept anything less.  To date (2018) we have:

  • Offset 354 tonnes of CO2 in March 2016, through the Florestal Santa Maria REDD project in Brazil (Verified Carbon Standard #875).
  • Reduced business mileage and paper consumption, saving 100’s of 1,000’s of miles and adding £80,000 net profit to our bottom line.
  • Planted more than 1300 trees across our local area in Hampshire: a direct result of our innovative Sustainable Relocation Promise which works to counter the emissions made when moving your employees.
  • Teamed up with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to plant 1000 trees in Old Basing to build a wildlife corridor.
  • Planted more than 200 trees in Kenya and helped reduce green-house emissions by providing fuel-efficient stoves for families in Uganda.

We happily absorb whatever it costs to do all this; members of our team worked hard to plant many of the trees; and our processes work…

  • In 2011, HCR became the first relocation company to become carbon neutral, aligned to international standards ISO14064, PAS2050 and PAS2060.
  • In 2014, we successfully cut our total CO2 emissions by 21.5%, giving us a total reduction of 39% in three years.

We continue to implement a Carbon Management Action Plan.

  • No paper, card, printer toners, cans or plastic bottles leave us unless they’re on the way to the recycling plant.
  • We don’t leave the lights on either. Sounds simple, but we don’t drain electricity in any room we’re not using.
  • We have a ‘walk to work’ scheme, we’re part of the Government’s cycle scheme and we provide a ‘bike doctor’ to keep staff bicycles in great shape.


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here’s what some of our lovely clients are saying too...

I would like to sincerely thank you for all the assistance, professionalism and friendliness over the last few months. You have just been excellent, and it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Global Distillery brand assignee

Thank you for the welcome card you sent me. It is nice that my first piece of mail in my new flat was not a bill I have to pay. I’m settling in fine, even though the unpacking is progressing at a snail’s pace. Have a great weekend.

Global Oil & Gas Producer assignee

The ability of the team to make my transition as stress-free as possible. They were amazing.

Global Technology Organisation assignee

Hannah is always really quick to answer, even when I've had to send her a million mails or phone her a few times. I never felt I was being a bother, which I really liked.

Global Furniture Retailer employee

Thank you very much for the welcome home greetings postcard you’ve sent me, it was a really nice surprise finding it in my mailbox. The moving went really smooth and all proceeds nicely. I’d like to thank all of you for the effort, assistance and advices you provided during this period.

Global Oil & Gas Producer assignee

Lisa was really helpful and caring at all times.

Global Insurance provider assignee

Thank you for your help and the speedy way in which you have dealt with extending the lease, we have completed the memorandum and attached it to this email. It's a pleasure dealing with you.

UK Landlord

The ease with which HCR made the whole process together with the help in locating the right place for me to live based on my needs. Pauline from HCR and Toby who helped with showing me London and finding an apartment were both excellent.

Global Furniture Retailer employee

Many thanks for all your assistance so far – it’s been tremendous and both Ally and I are very appreciative of your efforts to line all of the below up for us.

Overseas Government employee

Clear process from start to finish, friendly staff who always responded in good time. I would really like to praise the services of Lisa (local area consultant) as the days with her were very full, but very useful. Lisa also had a very welcoming, friendly and approachable character.

Global Furniture Retailer employee

No problem at all. I’m still staggered at how great everyone’s been. I didn’t have a single problem so I was stressing about nothing and I can now be messy cos I don’t have viewers, even better. You absolutely ROCK at this malarky.

Scottish Government Department employee

Speediness of replies. Small thing but it's very key when people are stressful periods of life to feel assured. Thanks a lot for that.

Global Furniture Retailer employee

Having a single point of contact who understood the situation and my requirements and when Emma was not available I was provided with an alternative contact who was also very helpful.

National Infrastructure organisation employee

Hannah is so quick and prompt with solutions and her replies. Its great service. All issues have always been fixed within days rather than weeks. What could you do to improve your service? Hire more Hannah’s.

Global Furniture Retailer employee

Having an organised system and professional people making the transition process stress free. Which in my experience is not always the case with relocation companies.

Global Oil & Gas Producer assignee

I really valued the time that Pauline took and the genuine care and understanding.

Global Furniture Retailer employee

I really liked the great reminders and help to navigate the ‘to do’ list.

Global Insurance provider assignee

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