Headline savings vs real savings (plus safety and security of supply): it’s a challenge we can help you with


Balancing cost with security of supply is a critical issue for procurement practitioners: the pressure to drive down costs is immense, but the dangers of supplier failure are all too real, and can leave you facing significant financial losses plus the added cost and hassle of putting their contracts out for tender again too.

It’s not just about finance; safeguarding your people and their families has to be a priority too.

Headline savings are designed to entice (of course they are!), but relocation is a complex process.  Situations can – and do – arise; issues and costs can escalate very quickly.  But you can avoid all that with our cost controls, guarantees and thorough, best practice approach:

We guarantee our costs: what we quote is what you pay.

We guarantee our service levels: but should we fail, you will get a rebate.

We look after your people: providing a 24/7/365 emergency support service and managing legal and health and safety aspects pertaining to properties too.

It’s a comprehensive, global, end-to-end service: with all elements agreed up-front, so you won’t be faced with unexpected charges for added extras.

At HCR, we’ve been working in relocation since 1982.  We’ve built a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts, which means we can offer you the best deal (although perhaps not the lowest headline number), combined with recognised and proven best practice… we’re proud of what we do and how we do it.

Check out our Management Services section for more information.


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