The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the leading countries in terms of its volume of trading across borders, currently ranking 8th in the world; this is according to statistics provided by the World Bank Group. It also ranks 22nd for ease of doing business. With over 4,000 UK companies alone having operations in the UAE, it has become a popular destination for relocating assignees in recent years, and its economy is continuing to expand.

When relocating employees to another country, it is important to set their expectations and prepare them for the transition, in order to make the settling in process as smooth as possible. HCR have produced a series of country-specific Factsheets, especially for corporate expats, which typically include Key Facts as well as summaries on Properties, Education, Language, & Culture, Immigration and Healthcare.

Following on from our recent Singapore Factsheet, our latest document provides an overview of the UAE and what to expect as a new arrival.

Click here to request a copy of our guide: Relocating to the UAE.

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