Relocation specialist

HCR is throwing its support behind a project to provide improved cookstoves for communities across Uganda.

HCR’s core business is to help multi-national businesses relocate staff around the UK and across the world. And the Basingstoke-based firm is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by finding more sustainable ways of working.

George Dawes, environmental manager at HCR, is also a board member of the Sustainable Business Partnership, which aids companies in Hampshire who wish to work in a greener way – and increase profitability as a result.

‘For the past few years, in addition to finding more sustainable ways of working, we have been offsetting our carbon footprint by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere,” said George.

‘We choose initiatives – through Carbon Footprint Ltd –  that will benefit communities across the world. And, in this case, we are helping to improve the circumstances of families in Uganda. More than 95 percent of Ugandans rely on solid fuels for cooking. This project reduces green-house emissions by providing fuel-efficient stoves.

“It contributes to sustainable development – and also means that mothers and their children will be exposed to fewer hazardous air pollutants. Solid fuel is a key risk factor for childhood pneumonia as well as many other respiratory, cardiovascular and Ocular diseases.

“Rapid climate change is the largest threat to human society worldwide. We take our carbon responsibilities as seriously as the rest of our business – and I believe it is vital for companies like us to work towards a common goal of reduced emissions.

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