Employees relocating abroad face a number of obstacles before they can settle down and enjoy their new postings.

Specialist companies like HCR can take care of the logistics of a move – but what happens when workers take their partners or even their entire families with them?

“Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect for any recruit,” says Rob Dolbear, managing director of HCR. “Adapting to new surroundings, different colleagues and IT systems is challenging enough.

“Couple that with travelling overseas to take up a new post – as many of our clients’ employees do – and you have a whole new raft of logistics, practicalities and emotional ramifications to consider.

“Add a partner or family to the equation and it’s easy to understand why relationships are regarded as one of the top barriers to relocation.

“Many businesses turn to specialists like us for expert support to cover the practical arrangements involved with a move. But assistance in dealing with emotional strain is just as important.

“Part of what we do at HCR is make sure employees are completely prepared, well in advance. For those moving their families to another location, this might include locating a new school, possibly helping their spouse to find work – and generally helping them get used to their new area.

“We are on hand to sort out visas and immigration matters, cross culture training – and even driver familiarisation. Making sure employees feel emotionally secure makes all the difference for a successful move.”

HCR is a leader in its field – providing an end-to-end, hassle free service that takes care of all the practical arrangements of relocation – and mitigates any stressful impact of a move.

“There’s nothing worse than leaving a loved one behind, so it’s no surprise that many employees choose to take theirs with them – especially when relocating on a longer term basis,” adds Rob. “And we are here to make sure everything is taken care of.

It goes without saying that helping to find a home is a priority – but having processes in place to minimise the disruption to a relationship or family is crucial too.

“Many of our dedicated move advisers have first-hand experience of relocating, which helps us to tailor our services to meet individual needs. They act as a single point of contact for advice and information to both our clients and their employees and are on hand to listen, advise and reassure people every step of the way.

“Relocating to a new country is not like an extended holiday, it requires more than a guide book to make the most of it. Our specialists will make sure everything runs smoothly – whether they’re assisting an individual, a couple or an entire family on their new work adventure abroad.”

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