Moving an employee halfway across the world for work is a complicated business. There are many factors to consider. Do they have visas and insurance? Where will they live? Can they speak the language? Are they familiar with their new surroundings? How can they best settle in?


How about if your employee is moving their entire family with them – and the children are of school age?

Sourcing the right kind of education – and making sure youngsters feel safe, secure and at home – can make all the difference for a successful relocation.

“Choosing a school is a tough enough challenge for those living at home here in the UK – so making sure people are fully equipped with all the information they need to make the right decision is even more crucial when they are moving abroad,” says Rob Dolbear, Managing Director of relocation specialist HCR.

“And continuing to support them during and after their move is also important. Our experts have managed thousands of moves during the past 20 years – and taking the stress out of the settling in process can prove hugely beneficial.

“Schooling standards differ greatly around the globe – and there have recently been particular concerns about the quality of education in countries across Latin America.

“With economies in that part of the world ever-growing, more and more companies are choosing to do business there – sending their highly-skilled and most productive workers. So being able to source quality education is an absolute must.”

Pisa tests (Programme for International Student Assessment) are widely recognised as an excellent way of comparing education standards abroad. And these are conducted every three years by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In tests taken by 15 year olds in maths, reading and science, Chile scored more highly than emerging powers like Brazil and Mexico.

“If the global average performers in the Pisa tests are countries like the UK and France, the highest latin American player (Chile) is ranked considerably lower – 51st out of 65 countries,” adds Rob.

“As specialists in this field, it is our job to make sure children who are relocating with their parents are given the best possible chance to do well at school. We make extensive use of our network of agents, located in countries all across the world. They have in-depth local knowledge of individual nations and regions. And schools are very high on their lists.

“They are all too aware that making sure an entire family is settled and happy provides a far better foundation for a trouble-free move.”

HCR provides a comprehensive school search programme – providing advice and limiting any disruption to relocating families.

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