The Government has announced plans to punish landlords who rent properties to illegal immigrants with up to five years imprisonment. The plans will make it more difficult for migrants to live in the UK without permission. And landlords and agents who regularly break the rules will form part of a black list – placing them in danger of a ban.

“This new law, passed last year, was first introduced in the West Midlands and will now be expanded across England,” says HCR Managing Director, Rob Dolbear. “It means landlords must check that their potential tenants are here legally.

“And Parliament will soon debate making it a criminal offence for landlords and agents who don’t carry out this ‘right to rent’ test. The Government describes these checks as quick and simple – and that landlords who want to stay within the law will find them straightforward.

“But those who are new to the property rental market may balk at another regulation being added to the long list of rules they already have to adhere to.”

Landlords who break the rules are faced with sizeable civil penalties, amounting to thousands of pounds for repeat offenders

“At HCR, we have a team of property specialists who work closely with both landlords and businesses, who are relocating their employees, to make sure everything is taken care of,” adds Rob.

“Our experts have many years of experience within the property market – and in dealing with all aspects of relocating. We are skilled at sourcing the right properties, owned by law-abiding landlords who are fully aware of their obligations to tenants.

“Investing in property and becoming a landlord is an exciting time – and a sound business move for many. But landlords must take care to follow the rules and stay abreast of all new regulations. They know, when they deal with HCR, that they will be housing tenants who have been vetted and who are moving to a new location for legal work purposes.

“Not only that, but our team is here to make sure landlords stay on the right side of the law – by making sure they offer other important safeguards, like gas safety certificates, electrical checks and fire retardant furnishings.”…

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