Buying a property is likely to be the most expensive single purchase you will ever make. From choosing the right area in which to settle to finding a home that matches your current – and future – needs and then making that commitment to signing on the dotted line. If you’re looking for the perfect pad and it’s in a desirable area you can feel you’ve got to just take the plunge, make the purchase and think later.

Pick a pad

Research from property website Zoopla has found most buyers actually spend less than 30 minutes in a house before they decide to buy it. Yes, a lot of this decision is made on gut instinct but when you think of the time you might spend making comparisons on electronics, cars, sofas or wedding dresses for example it’s quite an eye-opener. Of course, you’re likely to have put in the groundwork somewhere – comparing notes with friends, poring over property portals on the web, taking virtual tours but there’s a lot at stake if your dream home has hidden problems your half-hour tour and survey doesn’t reveal. What’s the area like at night, are there any major construction or carriageway works planned on the commute, do you know the neighbourhood?

Corporate accommodation

Taking this into the corporate world and large employers who recruit contract staff, offer secondments or cast their net widely to find the candidates with the right skills and experience can find themselves having to secure safe and suitable accommodation for people they don’t know. This is a huge risk and can be a full-time job making sure the property is up to spec, in the right area, close to the desirable amenities and ready when they need it.

Going rental

If you decide to go the rental route there is less financial outlay at the start but you’ve still got the same time investment to make in securing the property and the pitfalls may even be greater. On a personal level, what is the landlord like, how well is the property maintained and for corporate lets adding an unknown party between your business and a new employee adds another tier of risk. This relationship will ultimately reflect on the business so do you just hand over the money, cross your fingers and hope for the best or is there another way to safeguard a personal or business rental?

Fortunately, there are various experts to help you unravel this dilemma, whether you’re trying to get into your own rental property or you’ve been tasked with finding corporate accommodation on behalf of your organisation – either way a time-consuming and somewhat daunting prospect.

The MYTAS touch

My Total Accommodation Solutions – MYTAS for short – are corporate accommodation experts who manage all aspects of finding and maintaining a property under one single fixed monthly fee. There are so many hidden extras in sourcing a property, from the inevitably long accommodation and local area searches to organising utilities, deposits, contracts and ongoing maintenance. Instead of putting all this pressure on a relocated colleague, give them the time to embrace their new role while MYTAS ties up all the loose ends.

Streamlined arrangements

This could include getting in touch with local estate agents to beat the queues to the viewings, asking the right questions of the landlord while you’ve got their attention, arranging council tax payments, hiring furniture, handling removals and extending the lease. MYTAS has a successful formula for securing the right properties for a business with the right terms attached – they know the questions to ask, they’re well versed at scoping out school catchments, can research an area’s reputation and know the tricks for negotiating the very best rate.

Having dedicated experts wrapping up the process into a neat monthly subscription takes the pressure completely away from the business while still giving you visibility and ownership of the process. Outsourcing corporate accommodation services ultimately saves a business time and money that can be spent managing personnel without either party being bogged down by the details.

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