London is rated among the top six most expensive cities in the world for business travellers, according to a report from Expert Market.  And, perhaps unsurprisingly, New York is listed as the most costly. Companies are paying a staggering $549 per employee per day in the ‘Big Apple’ – compared to $467 in England’s capital city.

It’s an interesting turn of events though, when you consider the recent slump in Sterling – particularly given Paris is placed much further down in 21st – at $395 per day. The analysis takes into account costs per day for accommodation, meals, and taxis or car rental.

A spokesperson for Expert Market says: “As cities like London begin to reevaluate their position in the global arena and try to find ways of encouraging more international business relationships, our research highlights just how expensive this will be to businesses meeting clients in the capital.”

The list places Cairo, Bangalore and Johannesburg right at the bottom, with travellers paying less here than anywhere else in the report.

“It’s so important for business leaders to keep a close eye on international markets and economic growth elsewhere in the world,” comments Rob Dolbear, managing director of relocation specialist HCR.

“It provides an important basis for considering the potential cost of workers’ living expenses and allowances

“Making full use of, often limited, human resources overseas – and having the means to measure a return on investment – is the key to ensuring we make the right decisions on global mobility.

“Across the globe, local economies and currencies can be extremely volatile, and this latest list may well shift again.

“That’s why it’s important to maintain a continuous and close watch on economic developments in all corners of the world. One way to do that is to seek advice and relocation management expertise from specialists like HCR.

“We work in conjunction with our World Connect Partners on a worldwide basis. Together, we provide seamless services around the globe, from US to Asia, from Australia to Europe, and from the UK to South America.

“Through our local partnerships, we provide the comprehensive on-the-ground knowledge – never losing sight of the need to achieve value-for-money for all concerned.”

Top 20 most expensive Cities in the World:

  1.  New York
  2.  San Francisco
  3.  Boston
  4.  Tokyo
  5.  Zurich
  6.  London
  7.  Washington DC
  8.  Chicago
  9.  Basel
  10.  Geneva
  11.  Los Angeles
  12.  San Jose California
  13.  Hong Kong
  14.  Seattle
  15.  Honolulu
  16.  Tel Aviv
  17.  Kuwait City
  18.  Riyadh
  19.  Osaka-Kobe
  20.  Santa Barbara California

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