Relocation has the reputation of being costly and difficult to control, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  With our cost estimates and cost management services, you can be confident of your budgets and your ability to control expenditure.


We appreciate the costs of relocation (hopefully better than most!)… your assignments and relocations need to be commercially-viable and costs should be monitored and controlled.

With our detailed cost projections or estimates, you can assess viability in the early stages, prior to offering an assignment to an employee.  Working together, we can help you determine appropriate relocation packages and estimate cost implications of the relocation as a whole.

We have a policy of transparency in pricing, so will provide you with estimates of our management fees for standard service provisions, plus any disbursements such as accommodation, travel and removal costs for your employees during their relocation.

We can also provide tax or social security calculations, which can be integrated into a complete comprehensive forecast to give you the fullest picture of potential cost liabilities for any assignment.


Managing relocation expenses… collecting, collating, checking, recording and paying all the bills… can be challenging and time consuming.  But with our expense management service, we do all that – and more – for you; tracking and reporting all your relocations costs throughout the entire process.

  • Your assignees can submit all their relocation expenses direct to us, via our easy-to-use system.
  • Every expense is audited and paid within the minimum time frame, maintaining your corporate integrity and compliance.
  • To safeguard your budget, we advise your assignees/employees if their expenses fall outside your relocation policy or exceed budget limits; we reject all such claims or seek exception approval.
  • You receive clear, accurate financial data, in the form of monthly or quarterly expense management reports, based on individual cases or across your entire portfolio of relocations, as preferred. We also provide compliant annual tax reporting.

All your relocation expenses can be processed and viewed online, in real time, 24/7/365 from any location worldwide, on our FocalPoint Financial Management and Assignee Expense system

How FocalPoint works…

FocalPoint is our online, real-time, expense management system: a single resource for comprehensive financial reporting and expense reimbursement.

  • FocalPoint can be customised to your specific requirements, making it ideal for tracking expenses and monitoring expenditure against budget.
  • Your employees input their expense claims directly to an online portal, via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet devices.
  • FocalPoint tracks all expenses; when they are submitted, when they are authorised, who they are authorised by, and when they are paid.
  • All expense items are stored, by employee, in our expense management database; they are viewable at any time by anyone who has the correct authority.


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