Management Reporting

In these days of ‘big data’, it’s important for you to have the right data, not just ‘lots of it’! 

We appreciate that you will need specific reports and information, depending on the internal demands of your organisation; which is why we tailor all our management information to match your individual requirements and deliver your reports in a format which best suits your business.

For us, accurate, timely and value-driven reporting is an integral part of our relationship with you and your organisation, adding value to our services for you and your employees.


HCR operates robust and viable Service Level Agreements, based on service excellence and price, with service descriptions measured against individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Typical management information reports supporting specific KPIs could include, for example:

  • Individual relocation case reports
  • Cost saving analysis
  • Customer satisfaction innovations and recommendations
  • Milestones achieved


Our online, real-time, expense management system – FocalPoint – provides you with a single resource for comprehensive financial reporting and expense reimbursement. As a fully integrated element of our accounting system – Dimensions by Access – FocalPoint is a powerful financial management tool which provides you with:

  • Access to accurate and timely expense management and reporting
  • An online expense management system for paying employees expense
  • Instant access to all financial reporting

Reports can be broken down and filtered by different categories to show numerous costs such as management fees, disbursements and supplier fees; providing immediate, up-to-date information to inform your decision-making process.  All reports can be customised within specified fields and viewed for pre-defined time periods e.g. monthly/quarterly.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Consolidated life case expense reports
  • Expense management, month by month
  • Exception reports
  • Completion statements
  • Relocation costs
  • Property costs
  • Rent return and cost on rented out properties


Another key comparison in any relocation is the cost of housing.

Our Housing Cost Disparity Report allows your HR and Procurement departments to compare house prices on a like-for-like basis, providing a valuation for the existing property as if it was for sale in the destination area.

Looking at the demographics of the existing postcode, we assess an area within a given radius of the new location to identify the top-five matching areas; highlighting the closest match and calculating price differentials.

With this report, you can be confident that your property-related relocations expenses are based on a comparable property to the current residence, either without ‘betterment’ or with a modest upgrade in property value, as permitted.


When you’re managing moves which require property rental rather than property purchase, then we can provide a comprehensive cost report for that too.

This report provides a comparison of average rental and/or utility costs for properties in your specified town or locality, by type (i.e. flat or house) and size (number of bedrooms); we can also provide this for average property sale prices, if required.

And if you’re looking to relocate employees to more than one town or locality, or considering a number of different areas, then this report can give you a useful side-by-side market comparison too.


If you’re a UK employer providing expenses or benefits to employees or directors, you will be familiar with the annual P11D reporting requirements, which should include any relocation expenses and benefits.

The first portion of any financial support you provide to your people to cover relocation expenses (equal to the current Relocation Allowance value) is exempt from tax and NICs (National Insurance Contributions), providing certain criteria are met.  So tracking and monitoring ‘relocation expenditure’ to produce accurate P11D reports is absolutely essential… and we can help.

We manage, collect, pay and track each employee’s relocation costs throughout the entire relocation process – wherever they are in the world – and provide you with annual P11D reporting information consistent with current UK tax legislation.


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