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Developing an understanding of our language and culture is important for your employees and their families. It helps them settle into their new community, is a significant contributory factor to the success of an assignment and influences their productivity, interpersonal status and overall performance in the workplace. Depending on where your employee is moving from, they may experience stark – and confusing – differences in UK culture and conduct.

Fluency in language is only part of the picture. Our language training, often combined with cultural training, encompasses not only the recognition of everyday words, but also accent, body language, idiomatic language, use of emotion/humour and cultural etiquette. All of which are vital for effective communication and help build successful relationships.

Programmes vary according to need; training can include role-play, presentations and intercultural games; all teaching your employees and their partners/families how to identify, understand and integrate cultural differences into their day-to-day life in the UK.

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