Vehicle Sourcing & Driving Familiarisation

We always recommend research into the cost and logistics of importing a car into the UK before deciding whether this is the most viable option.  In many cases, your employees will sell their current car and either hire or purchase another one in the UK.

Expatriates who have recently arrived in the UK are likely to encounter barriers in obtaining a loan or other finance for a personal car. Which is why we offer specialist assistance with Expatriate Car Sourcing, including:

  • Advice and information on options for car purchase
  • Supply of any new and used vehicle that can be procured in the UK
  • Checking and inspection of sourced vehicle
  • Customised vehicle funding options
  • Competitive UK finance rates
  • Vehicle delivery at start of agreement


The risk of having an accident or driving conviction rises sharply if you are driving in an unfamiliar environment; and your employees are especially vulnerable if they are encountering UK driving conditions for the first time. Our road systems are more complex than some countries and pedestrians have right-of-way in many situations.

By using our driver familiarisation services, you are reducing he risks of your employees and their families having an accident or driving conviction; whilst helping your organisation comply with its duty-of-care obligations.

Online Training… builds driver confidence and understanding of correct UK procedures. Your employee is assessed on their driving ability and temperament and given training in areas of potential development or weakness.

In-Car Training… particularly useful if your employees will be driving on the ‘other side’ of the road. This course helps them gain confidence on UK roads and provides one full-day of instruction for two people with a qualified instructor, helping safeguard family members too.

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