With the ‘traditional’ overseas assignment model, employees serving outside their home country were typically offered periods of leave in their home country.  It can be easy to drift apart from the community and business environment after a long period away, and home leave was thought to help assignees retain their contacts, both at a personal and business level.

Home leave is now far less common; but a relatively high rate of attrition still persists amongst returning expatriates, indicating that its benefits may have been undervalued.  Despite this, many companies do not require expatriate employees to return ‘home’ during their assignment.  Instead, companies often award a budget for travel within the host region, whereas a mixed-leave policy may be more beneficial.

Our experts can advise on your options for home leave / in-country travel policies, helping you define the right mix which will offer you and your employees the maximum benefits and promote beneficial outcomes.  We can also provide all the logistical travel support and arrangements you need.


When sending your employees on an international assignment, natural disasters, political unrest and security or terrorism threats can represent a significant risk.  You have a duty of care to your employees and you should consider putting policies and procedures in place to evacuate vulnerable employees in the event of an emergency.

In our experience, best practice is for your organisation to have a clearly defined evacuation plan, operated by a cross-functional corporate team, addressing issues such as:

  • Identification of employees and business travellers in the affected region, including family members
  • Security briefings for staff in the region
  • Alternative travel routes in the event that the main exit options are impassable
  • Maintaining communication channels

Through our extensive range of contacts, we can connect you with specialist security organisations, skilled in assisting you in the event of an emergency.

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