Local, Commune and Police Registrations

In some countries, your assignees may be required to regularise their status in addition to having typical immigration requirements such as work permits and visas. This can be a complex – and sometimes frustrating – process requiring the production of large amounts of documentation.

Our specialists can assist you and your personnel through the process, with local knowledge of specific requirements and experience of ensuring timely compliance.

Information for your assignees…

Local Registration: EU

After 3 months in your new country, you may be required to register your residence with the relevant authority (often the town hall or local police station), and to be issued with a registration certificate.

You will need a valid identity card or passport and possibly documents such as:

  • Certificate of employment or confirmation of recruitment from your employer
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance
  • Proof you can support yourself without needing income support

In many countries, you will need to carry your registration certificate and national identity card or passport at all times.

Commune Registration; Switzerland

When you are a new resident in Switzerland, you must register at the local registration office of your commune / Gemeinde in person. All newcomers need to register within 8 days of entering Switzerland. All workers must register before their first working day; and your final work permit will be issued between 2 and 4 weeks after your registration date.

The standard list of registration documents includes:

  • Valid ID or passports of each family member
  • Up to 3 passport photographs of each family member
  • Birth certificates of children
  • Marriage certificate or decree absolute (if applicable)
  • Residential lease contract
  • Work contract or confirmation of admission to higher education institutions

Your documents may need certified translation if they’re from a non-EU country; and you may be required to produce other documents, depending on your specific local authority’s requirements.

Registration at a UK Police Station

If you arrive in the UK on certain visas, or are living here after getting permission to extend your stay, then you are likely to need to register with the police.

To register, you must go to a police station within 7 days of arriving in the UK, or within 7 days of the start-date of your stay extension. You will need to provide documents such as:

  • passport and / or identity card
  • details of your visa, including how long it allows you to stay
  • your employer’s name and address if you’re working

The police will give every applicant a registration certificate, which must be retained and available for inspection whilst the visa or permission to stay in the UK is in force.

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