Relocation Counselling

When your employees are relocating, it’s natural for them to have many questions (maybe even concerns), which is why we offer a comprehensive – but not lengthy – counselling service.

It’s a simple process.  Once we have your authorisation, a dedicated HCR Relocation Consultant (RC) will contact your employee. They will be your employees’ sole point-of-contact throughout the move, identifying your employees’ wants and needs, building good working relationships, and making sure expectations are managed from the very beginning. If your employees are relocating with their partners, it’s important to involve them too; partners are often the main point of contact throughout a relocation, especially for employees at a senior level.

The service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full briefing on terms and conditions of assignment
  • Questionnaire to ascertain housing particulars
  • Clarification of employees’ entitlements, in line with relocation policy
  • Discussion of employees’ availability, say for area orientation and home search visits
  • Discussion and advising of timescales for each stage of the relocation
  • Follow-up email to confirm points discussed during the start conversation

This stage in our relocation process is all about laying the foundations for successful outcomes… because preparing your employees for their moves and managing their expectations from the outset are key success factors in any relocation.


Safeguarding the security of your employees whilst they’re working abroad is of paramount importance.

Wherever they are, your employees could face risks ranging from petty street crime and extortion to violent attack and kidnap.  It’s important not to alarm your staff and their families, whilst making sure they’re aware of dangers and able to manage situations; which is where our security briefings come in.

Our briefings follow the recommendations of The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (  They’re low-key, balanced and carefully constructed, with emphasis on avoiding risks, and cover:

  • Security in the country and immediate region where your employee will be living and working
  • Cultural background, religious influences and customs, and standards of social behaviour
  • Crime and the police (how to approach the police, what to say, extent of influence and local power)
  • Personal security and procedures at work, home and on the move, plus security resources to call on

Our extra Risk Prevention Training helps your employees avoid becoming a target and limit their exposure to theft, mugging and con tricks; we cover aspects such as:

  • Preparation and packing
  • Planning journeys and where to stay
  • Diary and communications
  • Medical and first aid considerations
  • Departure planning
  • Dealing with bribes and extortion
  • Avoiding drugs and contraband
  • Safety and security at destination airport
  • How to meet a contact driver
  • Public transport, hotel shuttles and taxis
  • Security in hotels and residences
  • Driving, car-jacking and road rage
  • Muggings, inc. pre-emptive measures
  • Street traders, vagrants and beggars
  • Dealing with the local embassy or consulate

Our Personal Security and Risk Prevention services are here to help your employees keep themselves, their partners, families, fellow travellers and their belonging as safe as possible.

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