Compensation, Benefits & Tax Management

When you send an employee on international assignment, tax affairs inevitably become more complex; salaries, allowances and benefits may be subject to taxation in more than one jurisdiction; hence compensation, benefits and taxation must be carefully considered and planned, in order to be compliant in home and host country… but rules and regulations are constantly changing, so how do you keep up to date?

Working with our Tax Advisers, you’ll be sure to receive current, expert advice on:

  • National Insurance contributions
  • Income Tax
  • Tax equalisation
  • Social security
  • Tax liability
  • Shadow payroll

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience of relocating people across the globe, we advise on the cause and effect of each financial and legal decision to be made and monitor the process to ensure the information you receive is relevant and meets current legislations in both home and host country.

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