Repatriation & New Assignments

A surprisingly large number of employees leave a company after undertaking an international assignment; returning to their country of origin can be an unexpectedly difficult and unsettling experience.

So when you bring your employees home at the end of their international assignments, there are many factors to consider. Alongside all the logistics and practicalities, your employees will almost certainly require interpersonal support to reintegrate back into their ‘home country’ lifestyle as well as their place of work.

It’s not uncommon for these transitions to result in ‘Reverse Culture Shock’, which is why our Repatriation Support Services start whilst your employees are still in their ‘host countries’.  Our local consultant is there to support your employees and help you too, explaining the repatriation process and identifying any concerns they and their partners / families may have.

Typical challenges and concerns surrounding repatriation include, but are not limited to:

  • Language and cultural barriers: your employees may have simplified the use of their home country’s languages whilst on their overseas assignments and may also have adopted different behaviours, both socially and in business.
  • Out-dated, inadequate or entirely non-existent repatriation policies.
  • Lack of suitable positions for employees to return to.
  • Unrealistic or inaccurate expectations on behalf of employees.
  • Difficulty in quantifying the value of assignments from a management perspective.
  • Uncertainties about how to make the best of employees’ newly-acquired skills and experience.

In addition to managing all the logistical factors, our Repatriation Services are here to help you handle the ‘personal’ aspects too… because successful repatriations can contribute significantly to your retention of key talent.

And when it comes to new assignments… we simply start at the beginning of our process, supporting you and your employees from pre-assignment right through to repatriation all over again!

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