Candidate & Family Assessment

Undertaking an international assignment can be a daunting and challenging process for your employees.  This is especially true where they, and possibly their families too, are relocating to a destination which has major cultural differences to their own.

In these circumstances, we offer you and your employees a thorough risk assessment; designed to explore fully the individual circumstances and opinions of relocating employees and their families; covering such issues as:

  • Positive and negative factors associated with the relocation
  • The level of support potentially needed for your employees / families
  • Corporate and employee expectations

From experience, we find employees and their families often feel more at ease discussing their thoughts and fears about relocation with an ‘external’ person.

For us, the most important factor is ensuring the right decisions are reached for you and your employees / families… because that leads to successful transitions and successful relocation outcomes.


In terms of your relocations, a Letter of Assignment may simply be the legal document which amends or replaces a traditional contract of employment. But for employees, it can be very intimidating and concerning, especially if this is their first assignment and they were not expecting the documentation.

Whilst, obviously, you must advise employees of their rights and benefits, it’s good practice to prepare them for the process and to use an approach which is sympathetic and user-friendly rather than stark and legalistic (as such letters used to be).

As a minimum, any letter should include details of the employee’s new position and changes to salaries and benefits. It is also important to set-out any change in legal jurisdiction governing the contract of employment; typically, it is better for the contract to remain subject to the law in the host country, but this is not always possible.

Our specialists can help you with the creation of tailored Letters of Assignment which cover all salient points in a clear, approachable manner; ensuring your employees fully understand the situation and their contractual status.

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