Expense Management

If you have ‘mobile’ staff, then you’ll be familiar with the challenges of managing and making payments to your personnel working outside their home country, or to suppliers on behalf of those employees.

Prompt payments to employees and assignees are essential to avoid dissatisfaction; timely and accurate payments to suppliers can be critical too, for example to secure leases and tenancies with landlords. But your finance department may be faced with multiple payments, to multiple accounts, across different countries and in multiple currencies… it’s a challenge, which is why we have developed systems and services to manage the entire process.

Using our expense management services…

  • Expenses are not only paid promptly and accurately, but also audited and approved as part of the process.
  • Your expenditure is closely controlled and costs are monitored using agreed policy criteria.
  • Accurate and clear invoices can be integrated with your accounting system to maximise administrative efficiency.
  • You have access to the data you need, when you need it, via our fast and accurate reporting service.

We can even undertake complex advance billing processes for prompt payment of long term house rents.


Our online real-time expense management system – FocalPoint – provides you with a single hub for financial reporting and expense reimbursement, linked directly to our Assignment Pro operating system.

Your employees input expense claims directly onto a self-service portal. All users are issued with a unique login identifier, enabling complete control of expense payments. An authorisation matrix ensures each employee can only claim ‘allowable expenses’, unless authorised as an ‘Exception to Policy’.

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